Positive And Negative Sides Of Online Dating

Positive And Negative Sides Of Online Dating

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Owing to a great deal to the tech-savvy generation, the traditional concepts of dating have taken a back seat today.

First shopping, then money transfer and now dating, access to the internet has made everything easier. With one click or a few swipes, we can land a date with whoever we want!

But how reliable are these dating sides actually?

Let’s read and find out the pros and cons of online dating.

Positive Sides Of Online Dating:

  • Online dates mean the long process of wooing your partner is no longer needed! It’s easy to find the ideal match as the websites themselves filter the list according to your pre-uploaded profile.

  • For introverts who find it difficult to communicate with the opposite gender, online dating is like a boon! Avoiding direct communication works for many as the might feel uncomfortable and awkward.

  • It is easier to find your ideal companion. You no longer have to face the frogs before you find your prince. The apps will find someone who has suits your profile.

  • Online dating is a real time saver. There is no need to go through endless profiles. Choose your partner after reviewing their profiles.

  • Being anonymous in these websites help people open up to others easily. It enables two people to connect better with each other in such a condition.


Cons Of Online Dating:

  • Maybe all the things in life come with a cost. In this case, the security breach can be a big issue. The personal information is hidden from the viewers but the dating app has access to all your data which has a minimum or no security. The exploitation of these might pose as a threat for the users.

  • With the popularity of these online dating sites, the ways of misusing these have also come up. Beware of the fake IDs and the fraudulent accounts taking advantage of being anonymous.

  • The easy accessibility of the sites is harmful to the children especially teenagers. Without proper supervision of the adults, they fall into traps of people using unfair means to exploit people in different ways.

  • The websites are growing in number every day. But while choosing sites we should be careful as all the sites are not trustworthy and genuine. Many sites charge money for the service they provide. In many cases, they charge some amount without providing any facility.

  • Because of social obligations, the relationship with strangers via the internet is frowned upon by many. People fail to acknowledge the seriousness or even accept such a relation which is not based on direct meeting or communication.

  • Online dating can be sensitive. Human emotion is fragile and it can be hurt easily. Because of the lack to face to face interaction, such a situation may arise where we might misunderstand words and it may cause serious damage to oneself.

  • Hiding behind the screen many people try to hide their insecurities. Not being able to accept yourself as you are might not bring good results in the future.

  • The relations developed through online dating may not be long-lasting as the distance plays a major role. Falling for a person who lives seas apart can bring difficulties.

  • Online dating becomes a habit, an addiction for many. As a result, people find it difficult to commit to one person and be loyal.